Aunt Rosie's Lace 

Pottery Collection

Aunt Rosie was an artist and crafter.  She loved to sew, using many different fabrics in her work.  After her passing, I was going through her fabrics and came across a lovely collection of lace doilies.  I started using these doilies to create impressions in my pottery, and every time I roll out a piece of clay and impress one of her lace doilies into it, I have fond memories of her enthusiastic and creative spirit.  I know Aunt Rosie would love that something she left behind inspired her niece to create a collection in her namesake. 

“Let everything you create, be a reflection of everything that you are.”  Cindy Benko, Artist

Pottery heart necklaces with leather cord $15. 


Hi, Cindy Benko here!

Cindy Benko

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